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Print Customized Trivia

Corn mazes are lots of fun, but if all you do is wander for an hour looking for the exit they can get a little boring. With trivia, your maze adventure can be more fun. Plus, you can have an adventure that is specifically tailored to your group. Here's how trivia works.

Trivia Card
  1. Let's say you already have your trivia card. You arrive at the corn maze and begin walking through. Scattered throughout the maze are checkpoints. You come to the first checkpoint which is a sign with a #1.
  2. Now, you need to look at your maze trivia card. Read question #1 on your card along with the possible answers.
  3. Select what you think the correct answer is, and go in that direction. If you are right, you will be headed towards the next checkpoint. But if you are wrong, you might be headed towards a dead end or completely in the wrong direction.
  4. Once you find the next checkpoint, you will read that question and continue through the rest of the corn maze.

Your Trivia for Your Group

Trivia Setup

Wouldn't it be great if the trivia questions were specially written for your group? Now, Maze Master Trivia lets you fully customize your maze experience when you write you own questions for your group. Whether you are a school, church group, scouts, company, or any other type of group, you can easily write your own questions. Just fill out an online form, print, and bring copies for your group.

  1. Fill in the form online with your very own questions,right and wrong answers. Or, select from more than 60 pre-made categories.
  2. Let the Maze Master automatically make your card with all the right answers heading the correct way in the maze. Just click 'Go' and like magic your card is made.
  3. Hit print and bring a copy for each person in your group. No downloading and no special software needed!

In-Maze Smartphone Games

Trivia Card

Bring along your smartphone for the most advanced smartphone experience and play along with a variety of smartphone based maze games!

Smartphone Trivia Cards

Stop being stuck to choosing from only a few categories of preprinted trivia questions when you visit a corn maze. Now, use your smartphone to get access to more than 60 categories right on your phone so that you always play with a category you like. Trivia is now integrated with your smartphone punch card to give you the entire experience all at once.

Smartphone Checkpoint Punch Cards

Skip that paper punch card and play the interactive QR Checkpoint Hunt. Try to find the hidden checkpoints in the maze and keep track on your digital punch card.

Sample Maze Sign
  1. Start Game: Visit or scan a QR code at the maze entrance to get started. You digital punch card will be activated and loaded right in your web browser. No need to download any apps! Why?
  2. Digital Punch: At each checkpoint in the maze you will find a QR code. Scan it with your favorite QR scanner app, or simply type a 5 digit code into the game box in your web browser. Your code will automatically be marked off.
  3. Maze Success: Once you find all the checkpoints, find the exit and you will then be entered in a contest, get a special coupon from the farm, or even get the chance to compare your maze time to other visitors!
Phone Map

Digital Maze Maps

What happens if your navigation skills just are not quite what you thought they would be? It might be time to check your map. Now you can get your map right on your phone to help you along the way. Even if you think you can dominate the maze without it, you will always have peace of mind knowing that it is there just in case.

Please note that some options are not available at every farm. Check with your favorite farm for more details.

Smartphone Maze GPS

Phone Map

Possibly the coolest advancement in corn mazes since those first paths were cut more than 20 years ago, Smartphone GPS is here. Turn your phone into a fully functioning GPS map of the maze that shows your exact position. While we will not give you turn-by-turn directions to take all the fun out of the maze, you can choose from one of 10 fun characters to see your progress.

Will GPS ruin the challenge?

Every visitor has a different level of comfort entering a corn maze. Some visitors pride themselves on never using a map to get out while other visitors will never enter a maze with fear of being lost forever. With maze GPS you can have a backup or full control.

  • Check your position at any time when you need a little help getting relocated.
  • or
  • If you want the corn maze experience but fear getting lost forever, use your GPS to track your instant progress continually.
  • or
  • Are you someone who dominates corn mazes? We won't tell if you try out the GPS just for a minute because face it, it's really cool.

While the GPS feature like our other smartphone features are specifically designed for mobile use and data, please note that GPS features inherently use more device data and battery. Use is typically comparable to use of other smartphone GPS navigation uses.

GPS accuracy can vary by device and is only is as accurate as your device's hardware. Some iOS devices are known to have only approximate accuracy (25 ft+).

Smartphone GPS is not intended as an emergency safety device. Always follow local maze rules, and know how to exit a maze safely without relying on technology.

Please note that Smartphone GPS is not available at every farm. Check with your favorite farm for more details.

While most visitors just want to play the game, we do want to explain to all our tech geek users out there why we use a web app vs. a native app. Just in case you are interested in our reasoning, read on.

Web apps vs. Native Apps

Apps for your phone or tablet are divided into two categories:

Our App is a Web App

Web apps sometimes get a bad reputation because they are viewed as not having as many features, but sometimes there are many other advantages. Here's why were choose our maze games to be web based:

  1. Device Independent: You can access our games from any device with a web browser. While we test on the most popular iOS and Android devices, you should be able to play from any device with a web browser such as Windows 8, Palm, Blackberry, Kindle, Nook, or even a desktop computer.
  2. One Time Use: Chances are you will only be using our app for a single day while you visit the maze. Why download a big app that you will only delete a few hours later or forget to delete at all? Even if you did save it for next year, chances are you would need to update then anyway.
  3. Fast Start and Easy to Use: While you might be awesome with your phone, believe it or not there are tons of smartphone users that do not really understand how to download an app (we were surprised too, but our testing confirmed this). With a web app there is no searching in app stores for the right app, and you can start the game as fast as you can open your web browser and type a short address.
  4. Always Current: Corn maze season is short. If we catch an error in the programming we can make any changes immediately for all users. If we used a native app it might take days for these fixes to appear in the app store for certain devices.

But, but, a Native App can...

Ok, we know there are a few cool things that a native app could do. Our biggest sacrifice is that we are unable to provide an integrated QR code scanner right within our web app. Hopefully in the next few years HTML5 or HTML6 will provide support in our web browsers for our device's cameras much like the GPS is supported today. But for now, you can either manually type a 5 digit code at each checkpoint or download any QR reader from your device's app store. Many QR readers are free in most stores. If you really want a built in QR scanner, you could try downloading a QR addon for your mobile browser if that option exists on your device.

While we know a large number of apps benefit from being native, we think you will find that our web app is the best choice for this unique type of app. Enjoy!