You can use all of the options below while in the maze, but your phone will only save your data from today. Choose from the following fun mobile features. You can always use the 'Go To' menu to navigate back and forth between options.

Play Game

Ready to get going with the maze? Touch 'Begin Game' to begin. Otherwise, check out the game instructions.

Begin Game

Game Instructions

Learn how to play the game on your phone or in person in this quick guide that will give you everything you need to know from the technical features on your phone to the fun features that do not use your phone.

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View Map

Lost? See the maze map right on your phone to help navigate the maze.

View Map


Unleash your phone to be absolutely awesome and operate as a GPS in the maze. While you will not get turn by turn directions, you can see precisely where you are in the maze at any time!

Load GPS

Please note that GPS use can drain your device's battery quickly. GPS use may also use additional data.

Best Times

Want to know how your game length stacks up against others? See the best times for the maze here!

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