Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Dinosaurs Questions

1Question: Actually, what you saw in Jurassic Park was a Deinonychus, as the monster you thought you saw was only about the size of a dog. What would that be?
Left: Velocripator
Straight: Stegosaurus
Right: Diplodocus
2Question: According to a paleontologist at the University of Manchester, what wee Jurassic Park star might have only used its fearsome claws to climb trees?
Straight: Allosaurus
Right: Ankylosaurus
Left: Velociraptor
3Question: Trilobites are thought to be the first creatures to evolve what organ, which creationists sometimes hold as evidence of evolution's impossibility?
Straight: Heart
Left: Eye
Right: Lung
4Question: Mary Schweitzer appeared to have found something unusual in both a hadrosaur and a T-rex. And it would delight appearance-obsessed celebs. What?
Right: Collagen
Straight: Botox
Left: Silicone
5Question: In the Pleistocene, there actually was a 'giant unicorn,' but it wasn't a horse. What was it?
Right: A rhino
Left: An elephant
Straight: An antelope
6Question: Pterygotus, a nine-foot sea scorpion that lived 410 million years ago, may have been the first animal to do something. What?
Straight: Grow a backbone
Right: Check out things on land
Left: Hunt prey
7Question: About 300 million years ago, Arthropleura slithered its 6.5-foot self through the Carboniferous forests. What was it?
Left: Millipede
Straight: Snake
Right: Cockroach
8Question: Some 110 million years ago, Sarcosuchus imperator was as long as a city bus and swam around in Africa, despite weighing in at 20,000 lbs. What was it?
Straight: Rhino
Right: Hippo
Left: Crocodile
9Question: Dracorex hogwartsia was a dragon-like dinosaur with a spiked armor-plated head. Where did it get the name?
Straight: An Irish war hero
Left: The world's first dinosaur museum
Right: The school Harry Potter went to
10Question: Ow, ow, ow. What now extinct bird laid 25-lb eggs?
Right: Whale bird
Straight: Rhino bird
Left: Elephant bird