Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Earth Science and Weather Questions

1Question: In 2005 Hurricane Vince became the first tropical storm to ever hit what continent's mainland?
Left: Europe
Right: South America
Straight: Australia
2Question: Which of these ecosystems would be xeric?
Straight: Jungle
Left: Desert
Right: Grassland
3Question: Gravity from the moon, and to a lesser degree the sun, slosh the oceans around. What is this sloshing called?
Left: Tides
Straight: Waves
Right: Echoes
4Question: Which of these disasters is characterized by shearing force?
Left: Hurricanes
Right: Earthquakes
Straight: Floods
5Question: UV-A tans flesh, but UV-B causes sunburns and skin cancer. What can UV-C do?
Left: Boil water
Right: Sterilize things
Straight: Treat scurvy
6Question: Waves generally are disturbances in which energy moves without transferring matter. What causes ocean waves?
Left: Gravity
Straight: Earthquakes
Right: Wind
7Question: A butte might once have been a mesa. What would either one be?
Straight: A dry gully
Left: A flat-topped hill
Right: A spire of rock
8Question: What country's Hudson Bay region actually has lower gravity than the rest of the earth, possibly because of convection in the mantle or as a hangover of the ice age?
Right: Mexico
Left: Canada
Straight: Russia
9Question: It's not a rap term. It's a desert that is actually a dry lake bed. What is it?
Right: Playa
Left: Bling
Straight: Crib
10Question: According to NASA, "The difference between weather and climate is a measure of" what?
Right: Statistics
Straight: Geography
Left: Time