Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Inventions and Scientists Questions

1Question: In the TV special "How William Shatner Changed the World," Martin Cooper reveals that his most important invention was inspired by Star Trek. What would this be?
Right: Modem
Straight: EKG monitor
Left: Cell phone
2Question: What inventor led dissatisfied students of the American Academy of Fine Arts to found the National Academy of Design?
Straight: Thomas Edison
Left: Samuel Morse
Right: Alexander Graham Bell
3Question: Who waited 20 years before publishing his theories of gravity and motion, and only after Edmund Halley paid for the printing and fixed the manuscript?
Straight: Nicolas Copernicus
Right: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Left: Isaac Newton
4Question: Daniel Bernoulli figured out a principle of fluid dynamics that tells us why planes fly, but his family were math powerhouses in what country?
Right: Switzerland
Left: France
Straight: Belgium
5Question: Bernard Vonnegut figured out how to seed clouds with silver iodine to make rain. But his brother Kurt Vonnegut was more famous. As what?
Left: A quarterback
Straight: A rapper
Right: A novelist
6Question: Although Ascanio Sobrero invented this, it was Alfred Nobel who figured out to a way to let that poisonous (and extremely dangerous) yellow oil soak harmlessly (for a while) into clay, creating dynamite. What is it?
Left: Ethanol
Straight: Methylphenidate
Right: Nitroglycerin
7Question: Whose theory of special relativity argues that the faster you go, the slower time is?
Right: James Clerk Maxwell
Left: Albert Einstein
Straight: Tycho Brahe
8Question: Who died the year Isaac Newton was born?
Straight: Shakespeare
Left: Galileo
Right: Richard the Lionhearted
9Question: In 1892, why did a Kansas City undertaker named Almon Brown Strowger develop direct dial?
Left: He was afraid people were too embarrassed to tell operators who they were calling
Straight: He was afraid the operators might all die in an epidemic
Right: He thought operators were diverting his customers to competitors
10Question: Who imagined sewing two mobius loops together to create a single sided bottle with no boundary and that literally contained itself?
Right: Felix Unger
Straight: Felix Leiter
Left: Felix Klein