Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Games and Hobbies Questions

1Question: Invented in 1973 by Betty Morris, these polystyrene plastic sheets can be colored and cut into shapes before popping them in the oven, which makes them constrict and harden. What is the trademarked name for this kids' activity?
Left: Shrinky Dinks
Straight: Femo
Right: Easy Bake
2Question: What Japanese activity is a lot easier if you have a Yoshizawa-Randlett diagramming system on hand?
Left: Origami
Straight: Bansai
Right: Sudoku
3Question: What Scrabble letter is worth 8 points in English, 4 points in Danish, 2 points in Czech, 1 point in Croatian, and is unavailable entirely in Italian?
Straight: Q
Left: J
Right: Z
4Question: What board game has been featured by McDonald's on select food containers?
Right: Monopoly
Left: Settlers of Catan
Straight: Clue
5Question: Who starred in a videogame called Moonwalker, in which his chimp Bubbles turns into a robot to help foil the children-kidnapping Mr Big?
Left: Donald Trump
Right: Michael Jackson
Straight: Shaquille O'Neal
6Question: What eccentric chessmaster had the fillings taken out of his teeth so that the KGB would stop using them to send signals?
Right: Bobby Fischer
Straight: Bobby Riggs
Left: Bobby Brady
7Question: Like Imelda Marcos, Celine Dion has a maniacal passion for collecting something. What?
Straight: Dolls
Left: Shoes
Right: Snowglobes
8Question: Panupol Sujjakakorn won the 2003 world championship, even though English was not his first language. In what?
Straight: Quiz Bowl
Right: Spelling Bee
Left: Scrabble
9Question: What are the odds on 'odd' on most roulette wheels?
Straight: 3 to 1
Left: 2 to 1
Right: Even
10Question: A Barbie based on Chancellor Angela Merkel was a huge hit at what country's Nuremberg toy fair in 2009?
Left: Germany
Right: Sweden
Straight: Russia