Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Traditions and Holidays Questions

1Question: Colorado declared its official support for National Regifting Day, which is the last Thursday before what holiday?
Left: Christmas
Straight: Valentine's Day
Right: Easter Monday
2Question: What country started celebrating Melon Day in 1994, in honor of a muskmelon developed by its dictator, nicknamed Turkmenbashi?
Left: Turkmenistan
Right: Syria
Straight: Armenia
3Question: What country celebrates Indian Arrival Day every May 30, marking the arrival of its East Indian population on that day in 1845, aboard the Fatel Razack?
Straight: Australia
Left: Trinidad and Tobago
Right: England
4Question: July 21 is National Lamington Day in Australia, for what is now an official icon of Queensland. What is a lamington?
Right: A sponge cake
Straight: A raincoat
Left: A koala bear
5Question: What does Cinco de Mayo commemerate for Mexicans?
Straight: The Battle of the Alamo
Right: The Battle of Puebla
Left: Mexican Independence Day
6Question: What country's public holidays include Christmas, the end of Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Bataan Day and People Power Day?
Right: Philippines
Straight: Hong Kong
Left: Malaysia
7Question: In both the United States and Canada, the first government holiday of the year falls in what month?
Straight: March
Left: January
Right: April
8Question: The 33 million Irish Americans make them one of the nation's largest ethnic groups, but everybody seems to be Irish on the 17th day of which month?
Right: September
Left: March
Straight: July
9Question: As of 2009, what country's nine public holidays include St Patrick's Day and St Stephen's Day?
Left: France
Straight: Egypt
Right: Ireland
10Question: Taiwan celebrates Teachers Day on September 28, in honor of what particular teacher?
Right: Genghis Khan
Left: Confucius
Straight: Sun-Tzu