Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

A Bag of Random Questions Questions

1Question: At 42 inches, which of these trophies is the tallest?
Straight: Stanley Cup
Right: Emmy Award
Left: Davis Cup
2Question: The first half of each clue refers to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The second half refers to the artist with the same name. The blue turtle leader uses his katana to cut up his old sketches for helicopters and cluster bombs. Who?
Left: Leonardo
Straight: Michelangelo
Right: Titian
3Question: Arrange these in the normal order, using the first letter only, and you'll see Jason's name. What are they?
Straight: Planets
Left: Months of the year
Right: Organs in the digestive system
4Question: Obama approved the LCROSS mission, which bombed what unusual place and pretty much at the same time he won his Nobel peace prize, too?
Left: Canada
Right: The Moon
Straight: Atlantis
5Question: The first half of each clue refers to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The second half refers to the artist with the same name. Cowabunga! This orange nunchuk expert can be found on his shell in the Sistine Chapel. Who?
Left: Botticelli
Straight: Donatello
Right: Michelangelo
6Question: What city's elite, known as the Four Hundred, used to hang out at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel?
Straight: Paris
Left: London
Right: New York
7Question: In 1980, 5-yr-old Donna Balzano from Florida was getting her picture taken with Mr Smee. In the background, 3-yr-old Alex Voutsinas from Montreal was getting pushed in his stroller. Unaware of this, decades later, they met, and in 2002, they were married.
Left: Walt Disney World
Right: Mount Rushmore
Straight: Empire State Building
8Question: In January 2010, the floor collapsed in a building in Vaxjo, Sweden. Unfortunately, what were the two dozen people standing on the floor doing at the time?
Left: Attending a Weight Watchers meeting
Straight: Doing jumping jacks
Right: Overcoming their phobia of collapsing floors
9Question: In mixed ethnicity communities like Long Island and South Florida some people call themselves pizza bagels. What does this mean?
Straight: They are happy with mixed race neighbors
Left: They have some black heritage
Right: They are part Italian part Jewish
10Question: The Blue Hall of Stockholm City Hall is mostly red, on account of the brick walls. Why might you go there some day?
Straight: To marry a Swedish royal
Left: To celebrate your Nobel Prize
Right: To take your seat in the European Parliament