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Popular TV Shows Questions

1Question: This show features the characters Rachel Monica Phoebe Joey Chandler and Ross as a close group of people living in Manhattan. It ran from 1994-2004 and is considered one of the top 25 best written tv shows of all time.
Right: Will and Grace
Left: Friends
Straight: Seinfeld
2Question: This comedy follows the lives of Dunder Mifflin employees in Scranton Pennsylvania. Every employee's personality is set to imitate the stereotypical large office environment.
Left: The Office
Straight: Parks and Recreation
Right: 30 Rock
3Question: This animated show first premiered in 1989 and is currently still on the air featuring the crazy family of Homer Marge Bart Lisa and Moe.
Left: The Simpsons
Straight: Family Guy
Right: The Flinstones
4Question: This show follows the lives of several people stranded on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean after surviving a plane crash.
Left: Alias
Right: Lost
Straight: 24
5Question: This comedy follows medical students J.D. Turk Elliot and Carla at Sacred Heart Hospital and how they try to survive working for their instructors Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso.
Straight: The Night Shift
Left: Grey's Anatomy
Right: Scrubs
6Question: This show follows a dedicated group of forensic investigators at the Las Vegas Crime Lab and now has many spin-offs at different locations around the United States.
Left: Law and Order
Straight: House
Right: CSI Crime Scene Investigation
7Question: This show takes place in real time where the main character Jack Bauer works for the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles and tries to solve national security threats against the United States.
Right: CSI Crime Scene Investigation
Straight: Mission Impossible
Left: 24
8Question: This show follows the main character Ted Mosby as he recounts to his son and daughter in the year 2030 the story of his life along with his close group of friends Marshall Lily Barney and Robin in Manhattan
Straight: The Office
Right: The Big Bang Theory
Left: How I Met Your Mother
9Question: This show took place in Wisconsin in the 1970s following the teenage lives of Eric Forman Jackie Burkhart Michael Kelso Steven Hyde Donna Pinciotti and 'Fez'
Straight: The Brady Bunch
Right: That 70s Show
Left: The Wonder Years
10Question: This show takes place at fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey where Dr. Gregory House and James Wilson try to solve medical mysteries much like Sherlock Holmes.
Straight: Bones
Right: Private Practice
Left: House