Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Comics and Cartoons Questions

1Question: Setting aside Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mel Blanc's only work for Disney was the hiccups for Gideon, a cat in what movie?
Straight: Dumbo
Right: Snow White
Left: Pinocchio
2Question: In 'Kung Fu Panda,' the Furious Five are based on actual kung fu styles, like Tiger and Crane. Which of these is not one of the other three?
Right: Monkey
Left: Eagle
Straight: Crane
3Question: DC Comics had what anti-matter character get rid of its complicated multiverse?
Straight: Anti-Superman
Right: Anti-Watcher
Left: Anti-Monitor
4Question: What alcoholic Avenger was sued into near bankruptcy when he badly beat down a villain called the Constrictor?
Right: Hercules
Left: Iron Man
Straight: Mockingbird
5Question: What was the first Marvel Comic to reach its issue #500, although the first 126 issues were known as Journey Into Mystery?
Straight: Captain America
Right: Thor
Left: Iron Man
6Question: The Cuyler family are Appalachian mud squids. Where do the Squidbillies live?
Right: North Georgia
Left: Dark Side of the Moon
Straight: Sealab
7Question: What stuttering character may have got that stutter from his original voice actor, Joe Dougherty, who stuttered himself?
Right: Woody Woodpecker
Left: Porky Pig
Straight: Sylvester the Cat
8Question: Originally, what cartoon hero was formed by bringing together five robot lions from the planet Arus?
Straight: Optimus Prime
Right: Megazord
Left: Voltron
9Question: What character was born in Bedrock on February 22, 10,000 BC?
Left: Alley Oop
Right: Pebbles Flintstone
Straight: Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer
10Question: Per the Adult Swim cartoon, who are Stoker and Hoop?
Left: Two LA detectives
Right: Corporate tycoons
Straight: Two "Men in Black"