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Titanic Questions

1Question: Was someone sealed into the hull of the Titanic during construction?
Left: False
Straight: True
Right: True but company officals never released the name
2Question: Is it true that the Titanic printed its own newspaper?
Left: Yes
Right: No but British and America papers were distributed
Straight: No
3Question: Was Titanic's maiden voyage to be Captain Smith's last trip prior to retirement?
Straight: No
Left: Yes
Right: He had not yet set a retirement date
4Question: The ship California was told what by the operator of the Titanic when attempting to warn of ice ahead?
Right: Shut up
Straight: I will tell the Captain
Left: Give me a minute
5Question: How many women worked on the Titanic?
Right: 23
Left: 12
Straight: 0
6Question: Why was it named the Titanic?
Straight: Titanic was the nickname of the ship's architect
Right: The word Titanic means Something Huge
Left: Titanic was the name of the ship building company
7Question: How many people were rescued from the Titanic by the Carpathia?
Right: 922
Left: 705
Straight: 808
8Question: How long did it take the Titanic to sink?
Straight: 3 hours
Left: 2 hours and 40 minutes
Right: 1 hour and 15 minutes
9Question: Is it true that the Titanic almost collided with another ship when it was leaving Southampton?
Straight: False but it hit a small fishing boat at sea
Right: True
Left: False
10Question: What did Captain Smith do when first warned of ice ahead?
Right: He slowed the ship's speed
Straight: He charged straight ahead
Left: He steered the ship farther south