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Baseball Trivia Questions

1Question: Which player did not miss a single game for 16 years?
Right: Pete Rose
Straight: Babe Ruth
Left: Cal Ripken Jr
2Question: What team won the very first World Series in 1903?
Right: New York
Straight: Pittsburgh
Left: Boston
3Question: Who was the first president to throw out the opening day pitch?
Straight: Theodore Roosevelt
Right: Woodrow Wilson
Left: William Howard Taft
4Question: What town was the movie Field of Dreams filmed near that remains a popular destination today?
Straight: Peoria Illinois
Left: Grand Island Nebraska
Right: Dyersville Iowa
5Question: What pitcher struck out 15 batters in his first major league game at age 17?
Right: Bob Feller
Straight: Cy Young
Left: Nolan Ryan
6Question: What team has won the most World Series?
Straight: St Louis Cardinals
Left: Chicago White Sox
Right: New York Yankees
7Question: What famous slugger got hurt because he sneezed too hard?
Straight: Barry Bonds
Left: Sammy Sosa
Right: Mark McGuire
8Question: Where is the largest baseball bat ever made?
Left: Louisville Slugger Factory
Right: A farm near Lincoln Nebraska
Straight: Baseball Hall of Fame
9Question: Who hit a 643 foot home run for the longest home run ever recorded?
Right: Mickey Mantle
Left: Babe Ruth
Straight: Barry Bonds
10Question: How tall was the shortest major league player ever?
Right: 5'1
Straight: 4'10
Left: 3'7