Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Girl Scouts Questions

1Question: If you are selling cookies or anything else as a fundraiser what should you do?
Right: Sell without a parent or leader so they do not know how much you make
Left: Keep careful records to track orders and money
Straight: Charge more than you should and keep the extra money
2Question: What is something that you could do to serve others?
Straight: Have a pool party for your troop
Right: Watch TV all day
Left: Pick up trash in a park
3Question: When working in a group with other Girl Scouts what can you do to be helpful?
Straight: Tell lies
Right: Yell a lot so everyone hears you
Left: Listen to others
4Question: What types of badges should Girl Scouts try to earn?
Straight: Only what your leader suggests
Left: Only the ones the popular girls have
Right: Choose badges about activities that you like to do
5Question: Part of the Girl Scout promise says that you will try To people at all times.
Right: help
Straight: listen to
Left: hurt
6Question: What is the youngest age of Girl Scouts?
Right: Daisy
Left: Brownie
Straight: Junior
7Question: How can you be a good listener when a friend is having a problem?
Straight: Interrupt whenever you have something to say
Right: Avoid asking any questions when your friend stops talking
Left: Let the other person talk first
8Question: What is the tool that can help you find your way in the woods?
Right: Telescope
Left: Compass
Straight: Knife
9Question: What is something that the Girl Scout Law says we should do?
Left: Eat only healthy food
Straight: Never help with chores at home
Right: Make the world a better place
10Question: What is a good way to get exercise?
Left: Walk through a corn maze
Straight: Watch a movie
Right: Play a board game