Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Wolf Cub Scouts Questions

1Question: What should you do when boating if you hear thunder or see lightning?
Right: Jump in the water so that the boat is the highest object
Straight: Stay in the middle of the water because it is safer there
Left: Get to shore and find shelter
2Question: Why do you do the Cub Scout salute?
Straight: To get someone's attention
Right: Just because it looks cool
Left: To show respect
3Question: What is the name of the knot you use for your shoes?
Left: Square bow knot
Right: Overhand knot
Straight: Slip knot
4Question: If you have to put a screw into a piece of wood what can you do to make it easier?
Straight: Just let someone bigger do it
Left: Use a smaller screwdriver
Right: Put soap on the screw
5Question: How does the Pledge of Allegiance begin?
Left: The Cub Scout follows Akela
Right: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
Straight: Search Discover Share
6Question: What does a fishing bobber do?
Left: Hooks the fish
Right: Moves if a fish pulls the line down
Straight: Helps you hold the fishing pole
7Question: If you are riding your bike how can you signal that you want to turn right?
Right: Stick your left arm straight out
Left: Make an 'L' with your left arm by pointing up in the air
Straight: Stick your right arm straight out
8Question: What is the Cub Scout motto?
Right: Adventure is out there
Left: Do Your Best
Straight: Search Discover Share
9Question: What might you need to grow a plant?
Left: Cold weather
Right: Seeds and water
Straight: Gravel
10Question: Before a Cub Scout can begin on the Wolf trail what badge must he earn?
Left: Bobcat
Right: Lion
Straight: Bear