Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Bear Cub Scouts Questions

1Question: What does a fishing bobber do?
Left: Moves if a fish pulls the line down
Right: Helps you hold the fishing pole
Straight: Hooks the fish
2Question: What does Webelos mean?
Left: We'll Be Loyal Scouts
Straight: Watch Below Other Scouts
Right: Scouts Live to Serve Others
3Question: What should you do if your clothes ever catch on fire?
Straight: Run fast to blow out the flames
Right: Just keep moving because most clothes will not burn
Left: Stop drop and roll
4Question: What should you do if you get separated from you group while hiking?
Right: Sit and wait for the group or rescuers to arrive
Straight: Try to find a shortcut so you can catch up to them
Left: Just try to find your own way home
5Question: What is a good knot to use to tie two ropes together?
Straight: Two half hitches knot
Right: Square knot
Left: Slip knot
6Question: What should you do if a friend falls through ice?
Straight: Break more ice so you can swim to the rescue
Left: Walk slowly to the person and pull him out
Right: Stay away from the thin ice and use something long to rescue him
7Question: What is the first sentence of the Law of the Pack?
Right: The Cub Scout gives goodwill
Left: The Cub Scout follows Akela
Straight: The Cub Scout helps the pack go
8Question: What is the name of the knot you use for your shoes?
Left: Square bow knot
Straight: Slip knot
Right: Overhand knot
9Question: If you are rowing a boat by yourself and you want to go straight which hand should row first?
Straight: Right hand
Left: Left hand
Right: Both hands should move together
10Question: What should you do if you are in the middle of a lake and your boat overturns?
Left: Hold on to it and wait for help
Right: Only worry about yourself because you need the energy
Straight: Leave it and swim to shore