Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Boy Scouts Questions

1Question: Which of the following is not a trait listed in the Scout Law?
Right: Loyal
Left: Caring
Straight: Brave
2Question: Who started the Boy Scout organization?
Straight: James E West
Left: Robert Baden-Powell
Right: Daniel Carter Beard
3Question: When using an ax how should you cut a log?
Left: Make a V-shaped notch
Straight: Cut a straight line to minimize the number of swings
Right: Cut at a 45 degree angle to allow the logs to slide apart
4Question: What is not a way to make steam water safe to drink?
Right: Filter through shirt
Straight: Boiling
Left: Purification tablets
5Question: What does whipping a rope do?
Left: Doubles its strength
Right: Keeps it from unraveling on a loose end
Straight: Fuses the rope to itself
6Question: What should be the last resort to rescue someone in the water?
Straight: Throwing rescue
Left: Boat rescue
Right: Swimming rescue
7Question: What method for estimating a stream width uses the concept of two right triangles?
Right: Compass method
Straight: Salute method
Left: Stick method
8Question: If you touch poison ivy what should you do?
Left: Immediately wash with soap and water because it takes time to affect your skin
Right: Destroy any plants so others will not be affected
Straight: Rub it with a dry hand to spread out the sap
9Question: What is the first step of CPR after the situation has been assessed?
Left: Begin chest compressions
Right: Opening the airway
Straight: Begin rescue breathing
10Question: While it takes practice how can you stay afloat when you are far from shore?
Right: Spin belt through water to create lift much like a propeller
Straight: Open a buttoned shirt so you cover more surface area
Left: Convert your pants into a floatation device