Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Bible Questions

1Question: Who was Ruth's mother-in-law?
Left: Naomi
Straight: Ester
Right: Ezra
2Question: Who was phyiscally really strong in the Bible?
Right: John
Straight: David
Left: Samson
3Question: What apostle replaced Judas after he hanged himself?
Right: Barsabbas
Straight: Joseph
Left: Matthias
4Question: What king saw a mysterious hand writing on a wall?
Left: Uzziah
Straight: Jeroboam
Right: Nebakanezer
5Question: How many of each species of bird was Noah to supposed to take on the ark?
Left: 1
Right: 7
Straight: 2
6Question: After Cain killed Abel God gave Adam and Eve a son named Seth. What was the name of Seth's son?
Left: Enoch
Straight: Lamech
Right: Enosh
7Question: Who killed Goliath the giant?
Straight: Jonathan
Left: David
Right: Joseph
8Question: Who was talked to by a burning bush?
Left: Moses
Straight: Jesus
Right: Ezekiel
9Question: When Jesus wept who was he crying for?
Right: Lazarus
Straight: Judas
Left: The Samaritan
10Question: Who was swallowed by a big fish?
Straight: Job
Right: Jacob
Left: Jonah