Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

General Bible Trivia Questions

1Question: What New Testament person was the voice crying in the wilderness?
Straight: Peter
Right: Jesus
Left: John the Baptist
2Question: What sister got jealous because she did all the work and her sister just listened to Jesus?
Right: Rachel
Left: Martha
Straight: Mary
3Question: Who was a short tax collector?
Straight: Matthew
Left: Zacchaeus
Right: Simeon
4Question: Who was called in his sleep as a boy by the voice of God?
Right: Samuel
Left: Solomon
Straight: Saul
5Question: What Old Testament woman gave birth to a son at 90 years old?
Right: Sarah
Straight: Rebekah
Left: Rachel
6Question: Where was the wedding when Jesus turned water into wine?
Left: Egypt
Straight: Jerusalem
Right: Cana
7Question: What woman tricked Samson into telling the secret of his strength?
Right: Ruth
Straight: Jezebel
Left: Delilah
8Question: Besides Jesus what man is mentioned the most times in the Bible?
Right: Simon Peter
Straight: Paul
Left: David
9Question: What creature was not part of a plague on the Egyptians?
Straight: Flies
Right: Mice
Left: Lice
10Question: With God's spirit who wrote the book of Exodus?
Right: Micah
Left: Moses
Straight: Aaron