Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

People in the Bible - Hard Questions

1Question: Who did Samuel work for in the temple as a young boy?
Straight: Elisha
Left: Eli
Right: Elijah
2Question: What son of David was killed after his hair got caught in a tree?
Straight: Solomon
Right: Amnon
Left: Absalom
3Question: Who did God sent to restore Saul's sight and give him a new name?
Right: Zechariah
Straight: Simeon
Left: Ananias
4Question: After Cain killed Abel God gave Adam and Eve a son named Seth. What was the name of Seth's son?
Right: Enosh
Left: Enoch
Straight: Lamech
5Question: Who was never a king of Judah?
Right: Obadiah
Straight: Hezekiah
Left: Joash
6Question: Who was Ishmael's father?
Left: Issac
Straight: Jacob
Right: Abraham
7Question: Who had his donkey talk to him on the road?
Left: Balaam
Right: Lot
Straight: Enoch
8Question: What apostle replaced Judas after he hanged himself?
Left: Matthias
Straight: Joseph
Right: Barsabbas
9Question: Who was Ruth's mother-in-law?
Right: Naomi
Left: Ester
Straight: Ezra
10Question: In addition to her husband who died after lying to Peter about money?
Straight: Endor
Left: Sapphira
Right: Priscilla