Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

History Geography and Social Studies Questions

1Question: Bratwurst Days are celebrated in which month in Sheboygan Wisconsin?
Right: July
Straight: June
Left: August
2Question: What battle was known as Custer's last stand?
Left: Battle of Little Bighorn
Straight: Battle of Bull Run
Right: Battle of Antietam
3Question: Two of the world's most famous bells, Big Ben and the Liberty Bell, were both cast at what London foundry?
Straight: Belfast Bell Foundry
Right: Mancunian Bell Foundry
Left: Whitechapel Bell Foundry
4Question: In what state would you find a city named Boring?
Right: Oregon
Straight: Idaho
Left: Oklahoma
5Question: Margaret Gwyer survived the sinking of what ship, when the undertow sucked her into a smokestack, causing the water to explode into steam that blew her clear?
Right: Lusitania
Straight: Exxon Valdez
Left: Titanic
6Question: A mathematician named Eamon de Valera was prime minister of what country for 21 years?
Straight: Mozambique
Right: Ireland
Left: Sri Lanka
7Question: What inventor led dissatisfied students of the American Academy of Fine Arts to found the National Academy of Design?
Right: Alexander Graham Bell
Straight: Thomas Edison
Left: Samuel Morse
8Question: Before it became one of the world's biggest casinos, Foxwoods was a bingo hall opened by the Mashantucket Pequot in 1986. In what state?
Straight: Nevada
Left: Connecticut
Right: New Jersey
9Question: We called gold the Sweat of the Sun and silver the Tears of the Moon. Who are we?
Right: Incas
Left: Zulus
Straight: Celts
10Question: What president still delivered a speech even though he had just been shot in an assassination attempt?
Straight: Andrew Jackson
Left: Theodore Roosevelt
Right: William McKinley