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The River Maze

US Presidents for Students Questions

1Question: What president had to defeat a former president's wife to win his party's primary?
Straight: Gerald Ford
Right: George W Bush
Left: Barack Obama
2Question: What president from Tennessee was key in the War of 1812?
Right: John Quincy Adams
Straight: John Tyler
Left: Andrew Jackson
3Question: What president made it a priority to reach the moon?
Straight: Richard Nixon
Right: Harry Truman
Left: John F Kennedy
4Question: Which president held more terms than any other president?
Left: George Washington
Right: Franklin D Roosevelt
Straight: Abraham Lincoln
5Question: Which mountain of a politician signed the 1898 Treaty of Paris acquiring Puerto Rico Guam and the Philippines?
Right: William McKinley
Straight: Woodrow Wilson
Left: Theodore Roosevelt
6Question: What president was the key author of the Declaration of Independence years before he became president?
Left: George Washington
Straight: Martin Van Buren
Right: Thomas Jefferson
7Question: What president made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan during WW2?
Straight: Franklin D Roosevelt
Left: Harry S Truman
Right: Dwight D Eisenhower
8Question: Which president helped form the League of Nations after WW1?
Left: Woodrow Wilson
Straight: Theodore Roosevelt
Right: Warren G Harding
9Question: Who became president after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?
Left: Ulysses S Grant
Straight: Hannibal Hamlin
Right: Andrew Johnson
10Question: Who was president when the Great Depression began?
Right: Dwight D Eisenhower
Straight: Franklin D Roosevelt
Left: Herbert Hoover