Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Agriculture and Farms Questions

1Question: When a honey bee makes a trip to pollinate how many flowers on average will they visit?
Right: 300-350
Left: 50-100
Straight: 200-250
2Question: What are the three types of bees in a hive?
Right: Queen Honey and Drone
Straight: King Queen and Worker
Left: Queen Worker and Drone
3Question: How much corn is produced in the U.S. each year?
Straight: 100 million bushels
Right: 25 billion bushels
Left: 13 billion bushels
4Question: How much ethanol can be produced from a bushel of corn?
Left: 3 cups
Straight: 1 barrel
Right: 25-3 gallons
5Question: A pumpkin plant starts as a...
Right: seed
Left: egg
Straight: leaf
6Question: What is the largest use for field corn in the U.S.?
Right: Feeding animals
Straight: Export selling or giving to other countries
Left: Ethanol
7Question: Pumpkins grow on...
Left: vines
Right: bushes
Straight: trees
8Question: What is the top of a corn stalk called?
Left: Tassel
Straight: Leaf
Right: Tip
9Question: What did of corn do we eat on the cob?
Left: Field Corn
Right: Sweet Corn
Straight: Pop Corn
10Question: What is the type of corn that we eat on a cob?
Right: Field Corn
Left: Sweet Corn
Straight: Popcorn