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Pumpkin Trivia for Kids Questions

1Question: Are all pumpkins orange?
Right: Yes
Straight: No pumpkins are only green and orange
Left: No pumpkins can be orange white yellow green or even other colors
2Question: Most of a pumpkin is made of...
Straight: dirt
Left: water
Right: jello
3Question: How long does it take a pumpkin seed to grow a pumpkin?
Left: 3-4 months
Straight: 1 year
Right: 2 weeks
4Question: If you dry a gourd why does it rattle?
Right: The seeds are hard
Straight: The gourd is rotten
Left: The gourd lost its brain
5Question: What do pumpkins need to grow?
Left: Milk
Straight: Fruits and vegetables
Right: Water and sun
6Question: What insect helps pumpkins grow?
Left: Flies
Straight: Mosquitoes
Right: Bees
7Question: Before Jack-o-lanterns why did people plant pumpkins?
Left: For food
Right: To stay warm
Straight: To use as clothes
8Question: What holiday do people carve pumpkins?
Right: Easter
Straight: Thanksgiving
Left: Halloween
9Question: What fruit is in the same family as pumpkins?
Straight: Beans
Right: Squash
Left: Corn
10Question: Pumpkins grow on...
Left: vines
Straight: trees
Right: bushes