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Corn Trivia Questions

1Question: What is the largest use for field corn in the U.S.?
Left: Feeding animals
Straight: Ethanol
Right: Export selling or giving to other countries
2Question: Which state is not part of the corn belt?
Straight: Iowa
Right: Indiana
Left: Colorado
3Question: What is the product made from corn that makes a vehicle's engine run?
Right: Gas
Left: Ethanol
Straight: Water
4Question: How many kernels of corn are on an average size ear?
Straight: 1000
Right: 800
Left: 1200
5Question: Silk on an ear of corn...
Straight: helps keep the plant cool
Right: helps the ear pollinate
Left: protects the ear from bugs
6Question: What is the machine that harvests field corn called?
Straight: Spreader
Right: Combine
Left: Planter
7Question: How many ears of corn are typically produced by one stalk of corn?
Left: 1 - 2
Straight: 3 - 5
Right: 4 - 5
8Question: Which part of the corn stalk plant is considered to be the male part?
Left: Tassel
Right: Tip
Straight: Leaf
9Question: Like almost every other plant corn helps make oxygen through...
Left: respiration
Right: photosynthesis
Straight: transpiration
10Question: What is the top of a corn stalk called?
Straight: Leaf
Left: Tassel
Right: Tip