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Corn and Bee Facts Questions

1Question: What is the hair on an ear of corn called?
Left: Silk
Straight: String
Right: Tassel
2Question: What is the product made from corn that makes a vehicle's engine run?
Right: Gas
Straight: Water
Left: Ethanol
3Question: What causes photosynthesis?
Straight: Moon Light
Left: Sun Light
Right: Flash Light
4Question: How many kernels of corn are on an average size ear?
Right: 800
Left: 1200
Straight: 1000
5Question: How many eggs does a queen bee lay in a day?
Straight: 10000
Right: 1000
Left: 5000
6Question: Female honey bees are normally called what?
Left: The Queen
Straight: Drones
Right: Worker Bees
7Question: How many queen bees are there in a bee colony?
Right: Three
Left: One
Straight: Two
8Question: How does the pollen from the tassel at the top of the stalk get to the silk of the ear of corn?
Left: Wind and insects
Right: By the farmer
Straight: Sun and rain
9Question: In which country was corn first grown?
Right: Mexico
Left: Brazil
Straight: Iceland
10Question: Which insect is beneficial to the growth of fruits and vegetables?
Straight: Cucumber Beetles
Right: Stink Bugs
Left: Honey Bees