Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Questions

1Question: What sound does the farmer's truck make?
Left: Beep beep
Straight: Moo
Right: Oink
2Question: Lion starts with the letter...
Right: T
Straight: O
Left: L
3Question: Penguin starts with
Right: I
Straight: B
Left: P
4Question: W is for...
Right: Whale
Left: Fish
Straight: Duck
5Question: Rainbow starts with the letter...
Right: R
Left: C
Straight: N
6Question: What animal says meow?
Left: Rooster
Straight: Sheep
Right: Cat
7Question: What sound does a pig make?
Straight: Neigh
Right: Woof
Left: Oink
8Question: What sound does a sheep make?
Left: Baa
Right: Woof
Straight: Oink
9Question: U is for...
Left: Raincoat
Straight: Hat
Right: Umbrella
10Question: Bear starts with the letter...
Left: B
Straight: F
Right: H