Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Old Macdonald's Farm Animal Sounds Questions

1Question: What animal says cluck-cluck?
Right: Cow
Straight: Cat
Left: Chicken
2Question: What animal might say Chirp Chirp?
Left: Baby Chickens
Straight: Baby Cows
Right: Baby Sheep
3Question: What animal says quack?
Left: Duck
Straight: Cat
Right: Rooster
4Question: What animal says gobble-gobble?
Right: Turkey
Straight: Pig
Left: Horse
5Question: What sound does a dog make?
Straight: Moo
Left: Cluck-cluck
Right: Woof
6Question: What sound does a horse make?
Left: Cluck-cluck
Straight: Gobble-gobble
Right: Neigh
7Question: What animal says moo?
Left: Cow
Right: Sheep
Straight: Duck
8Question: What sound does a sheep make?
Right: Woof
Straight: Oink
Left: Baa
9Question: What sound does a pig make?
Straight: Woof
Left: Neigh
Right: Oink
10Question: What sound does a rooster make?
Right: Gobble-gobble
Straight: Quack
Left: Kakadoodledoo