Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Circuses Magic and Parks Questions

1Question: Pop Reed was a stagehand at Philadelphia's Walnut Street Theatre. But he didn't get a role in a play until after he died, when his skull appeared as Yorick, in a production of what play?
Right: Romeo and Juliet
Straight: Titus Andronicus
Left: Hamlet
2Question: A 19th-century clown named Dan Rice was once thought to have inspired what iconic character, who was similarly costumed?
Left: Uncle Sam
Straight: Johnny Appleseed
Right: Paul Bunyan
3Question: When he died, he left his magic books to the Library of Congress and left a 10-word code with his wife, who could use it to test mediums who tried to reach him in the afterlife. Who?
Straight: Arthur Conan Doyle
Right: Albert Einstein
Left: Harry Houdini
4Question: In 1947, what Strasbourg-born mime created Bip, a white-faced clown clothed in culottes, a middy and a battered top hat?
Right: Marcel Marceau
Straight: Lou Jacobs
Left: Charlie Chaplin
5Question: Isaac van Amburgh is believed to be the first person to put his head in what animal's mouth?
Left: Elephant
Right: Lion
Straight: Horse
6Question: Who secretly hired somebody to sue PT Barnum, claiming his bearded lady was actually a man?
Straight: Harry Houdini
Right: PT Barnum himself
Left: George Ringling
7Question: Since the Ringling Brothers wintered there for 50 years, what municipality calls itself the Circus Capital of World?
Left: Sarasota, Florida
Right: Baraboo, Wisconsin
Straight: Troy, New York
8Question: Eurycles of Athens is said to be the first one. Louis Brabant, valet to King Francis I of France in the 1500s, is called the first modern one. What?
Straight: Contortionist
Right: Magician
Left: Ventriloquist
9Question: What puppeteer, whose real last was Hurwitz, loved to shock waiters by ordering lamb?
Left: Wayland Flowers
Right: Shari Lewis
Straight: Frank Oz
10Question: Prince Randian had no limbs, and nobody knows what his real name was, but he was born in what present-day South American country?
Left: Guyana
Straight: Liberia
Right: Ivory Coast