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The River Maze

General Music Trivia Questions

1Question: Dying of AIDS, whose last public performance was a chilling version of Purcell's 'Cold' from 'King Arthur'?
Right: Ofra Haza
Left: Klaus Nomi
Straight: Freddie Mercury
2Question: What tasty treat has inspired song titles from Lil Wayne, the Chordettes, Millie Small and Shirley Temple?
Straight: Tutti Frutti
Left: Lollipop
Right: Candy Bar
3Question: Who is the only person, as of 2008, to write or co-write four straight #1 hits?
Right: Paul Simon
Straight: John Lennon
Left: Barry Gibb
4Question: Canada's David Foster produced All-4-One's #1 R&B song 'I Swear,' which was originally recorded by John Michael Montgomery in what genre?
Left: Adult contemporary
Right: Country
Straight: Hard rock
5Question: A hemidemisemiquaver is quite short. What is it?
Straight: A 16th note
Right: A 64th note
Left: A 32nd note
6Question: Cher, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Jamie Foxx and Bing Crosby all had #1 hits. What else did they have?
Right: Oscars for acting
Left: Presidential Medals of Freedom
Straight: Twin daughters
7Question: A rocket scientist, Brad Pitt, a car and Elvis. These are the things that have what particular musical connection?
Left: Things that don't impress Shania Twain much
Straight: Things that end the world in the REM song
Right: Things that don't start the fire, per Billy Joel
8Question: What disparaging nickname was shared by pianists Antoine Dominique Domino and Thomas Wright Waller?
Straight: Fishbone
Right: Yardbird
Left: Fats
9Question: In 1992, what musician got a design patent for a "portable keyboard instrument" that was basically a keyboard guitar?
Right: Prince
Straight: Brian May
Left: Peter Frampton
10Question: We will give you song lyrics, as though bureaucratic committees had approved them. You give us the artist who had a hit with the actual lyrics. "Arise. I am desirous of becoming a mechanical device to facilitate reproductive congress."
Straight: Michael Jackson
Left: James Brown
Right: Will Smith