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Pop Music Since 1976 Questions

1Question: Who was the first South American to have a #1 Billboard song?
Straight: Carlos Santana
Left: Shakira
Right: Christina Aguilera
2Question: What was the Lebanese last name of 80s mall singer Tiffany?
Straight: Petrov
Left: Darwish
Right: Bismarck
3Question: Who sang her hit 'Smile' in Simlish, the video for which was redone using SimCity computer graphics?
Left: Lily Allen
Right: Amy Winehouse
Straight: Fiest
4Question: Her last name is Harrison and she won a Grammy for "Lady Marmalade," along with Xtina (Aguilera), Lil' Kim (Jones) and Pink (Moore). Who?
Right: Mya
Straight: Aaliyah
Left: Ciara
5Question: What rapper had hit duets in 2001-02 with Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keyes?
Left: Kim
Right: Eve
Straight: Missy
6Question: Through her mom, what Italian American singer shares a Quebecois ancestor, named Zacharie Cloutier, with Celine Dion?
Straight: Tammy Wynette
Right: Madonna
Left: Cher
7Question: What Ecuadorian singer had one hit, called "Rico Suave"?
Left: Gerardo
Right: Falco
Straight: Taco
8Question: Whose first English single, "Whenever, Wherever," was heavily influenced by Andean music, and includes the charango and panpipes?
Straight: Santana
Right: Selena
Left: Shakira
9Question: Who is often refered to as the King of Pop
Straight: Will Smith
Left: Justin Timberlake
Right: Michael Jackson
10Question: Thanks to her 1998 hit, "Believe," who became the oldest solo female to score a #1 hit?
Left: Cher
Right: Barbra Streisand
Straight: Madonna