Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Traditional Folk and Other Music Questions

1Question: What unofficial national anthem was written by a folk group called the Corries?
Straight: Flower of Canada
Left: Flower of Scotland
Right: Flower of Jamaica
2Question: What country's national anthem, called Dabrowski's Mazurka, praises Napoleon, noting, 'We've been shown the ways to victory by Bonaparte'?
Right: Hungary
Straight: Czech Republic
Left: Poland
3Question: Who released a bizarre 2009 holiday album called Christmas in the Heart, which included an accordion-pumped polka tune called Here Comes Santa?
Straight: Eminem
Right: Axl Rose
Left: Bob Dylan
4Question: Oumou Sangare is called the Songbird of Wassoulou. Where was she born?
Left: Nigeria
Straight: Tanzania
Right: Mali
5Question: What North African country's anthem uses words from a 19th-century poem and a melody so complex that it is almost never actually sung?
Left: Vanuatu
Straight: Slovenia
Right: Mauritania
6Question: Founded in London in 1969 by African and Caribbean musicians, Osibisa was a pioneering world music band known for using what Yes artist to create their album covers?
Right: Roger Dean
Straight: Howard Dean
Left: James Dean
7Question: Bob Marley's house became a museum in the crime-ridden part of what city?
Right: Havana
Straight: San Juan
Left: Kingston
8Question: What part of the United Kingdom uses as its national anthem Hen Wlad fy Nhadau, which means Land of my Fathers?
Straight: Scotland
Right: England
Left: Wales
9Question: Lord Shorty is said to have turned calypso into soca, when he recorded 'Indrani' in 1972. Where was he from?
Right: Trinidad
Straight: Jamaica
Left: Cuba
10Question: Czech and German accordion music has influenced whose conjunto music?
Right: African Americans
Straight: Italian Americans
Left: Mexican Americans