Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

World Geography Questions

1Question: What city pitches Dundas Square known for its water fountains as its country's version of Times Square?
Straight: Dublin
Left: Toronto
Right: Melbourne
2Question: What mountain, already the world's tallest, is still growing a few millimeters every year?
Right: Aconcagua
Straight: McKinkey
Left: Everest
3Question: What is the largest port city on the Tasman Sea?
Right: Toronto, Ontario
Straight: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Left: Sydney, Australia
4Question: Swaziland is named for one of its kings, making it the nation named for the real person who lived most recently. What country is #2?
Straight: Turkey
Left: Saudi Arabia
Right: Bolivia
5Question: Looking at a world map, you see that seven adjacent countries all end with the same four letters. What are those letters?
Left: Land
Straight: Guay
Right: Stan
6Question: In 2008, authorities decided to build a circus-like net under what bridge, which had become one of the most popular locations in world for "suicide tourists"?
Left: Brooklyn Bridge
Straight: Sydney Harbour Bridge
Right: Golden Gate Bridge
7Question: Most world fairs lose money. What city's 1982 World's Fair made just $57 in profit?
Right: Osaka
Left: Knoxville
Straight: Vancouver
8Question: What city's Lafayette Cemetery has been used as a filming location for such movies as Interview With a Vampire?
Straight: Paris
Right: Port-au-Prince
Left: New Orleans
9Question: Contrary to what you've heard, our kunik nose nuzzle is not how we kiss. We do it to babies. Who are we?
Left: Zulus
Right: Eskimos
Straight: Apaches
10Question: In North America, Winnipeg and Fargo are on the river with this colorful name. Hanoi is another river with that name, in Asia. What is it?
Left: Red River
Right: Black River
Straight: Yellow River