Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

US Geography Hard Questions

1Question: With only 7855 people as of the 2010 census which US Capital has the lowest population?
Left: Montpelier Vermont
Straight: Pierre South Dakota
Right: Cheyenne Wyoming
2Question: What has, several times, happened to the town of Waterproof, Louisiana, most devastatingly in 1927?
Right: Zombie attacks
Left: Flooding
Straight: Election of Republicans
3Question: What is the tallest mountain range in the US?
Right: Sierra Nevada
Left: Rockies
Straight: Applicacians
4Question: What state has an official cartoon character, a gust of wind named Gusty?
Straight: Florida
Right: Oklahoma
Left: Oregon
5Question: As of 2009, what is the only state that sets aside room in is legislature for representatives of Indian nations, in this case the Penobscot?
Left: Oklahoma
Straight: Alaska
Right: Maine
6Question: What is the most populous US state whose capital is also the largest city?
Left: Georgia
Straight: Virginia
Right: Ohio
7Question: Before it became one of the world's biggest casinos, Foxwoods was a bingo hall opened by the Mashantucket Pequot in 1986. In what state?
Straight: Nevada
Right: New Jersey
Left: Connecticut
8Question: The Quad Cities is actually five cities, including Davenport, Iowa. Which of these Quad Cities is also in Iowa and not in Illinois?
Straight: Moline
Left: Bettendorf
Right: Rock Island
9Question: What San Francisco neighborhood is famous for its wild parrots?
Straight: North Beach
Right: Telegraph Hill
Left: The Castro
10Question: What section of Brooklyn landmark was named for the rabbits that were all over the place when the Dutch arrived in the 1600s?
Straight: Stuyvesant
Right: Harlem
Left: Coney Island