Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Sports Questions

1Question: In 1965 Packers' Paul Hornung scored five touchdowns in one game but later that day what Bear scored a record six?
Right: Cedric Benson
Left: Gale Sayers
Straight: Brian Piccolo
2Question: What pro team did Brett Favre start with?
Left: Atlanta Falcons
Straight: Minnesota Vikings
Right: New York Giants
3Question: In what year did the Bears and Packers first meet?
Left: 1921
Straight: 1932
Right: 1943
4Question: Where did Bart Starr play college football?
Left: Notre Dame
Right: Alabama
Straight: Florida State
5Question: Perhaps unsurprisingly, what WNBA team had a mascot named Doppler, which had a cup anemometer on its head?
Right: Seattle Storm
Straight: Chicago Sky
Left: Houston Comets
6Question: What word for a marked ski run is also the name of the playing area of a fencing match?
Right: Piste
Left: Schuss
Straight: Slalom
7Question: What was the coldest recorded home game in Packer history?
Straight: -25 degrees -42 wind chill
Right: -5 degrees -28 wind chill
Left: -13 degrees -46 wind chill
8Question: The Big 12 has been the Big 8, until four schools from what state switched from the disbanded Southwest Conference?
Straight: California
Left: Texas
Right: Illinois
9Question: Kelly Slater has been the ASP World Champion a record number of times, including five consecutive times from 199498. In what sport?
Right: Surfing
Left: Rugby
Straight: Darts
10Question: In 1984 Steve Young signed what was then the richest football contract ever. For what team?
Straight: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Left: LA Express
Right: San Francisco 49ers