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Summer Olympics Questions

1Question: In 1978, Graham Salmon ran the 100 metres in 11.4 seconds. What was especially unusual about this?
Right: He was being chased by a dog
Left: He was blind
Straight: He fell over dead afterward
2Question: Jim Thorpe was probably the greatest all-round athlete who ever lived. Where did he win gold in both the pentathlon and the decathlon, winning eight of the 15 events outright?
Left: Stockholm
Straight: Berlin
Right: Chicago
3Question: Roger Bannister may have broken the four-minute mile, but he always felt his greatest achievements were in what field, which he went into after sports?
Left: Neurology
Straight: Sculpture
Right: Politics
4Question: Two Olympic team sports are played barefoot. One is water polo. Excluding the various swimming events, what is the other?
Left: Handball
Straight: Lacrosse
Right: Beach volleyball
5Question: Shizo Kanakuri was reported missing to the police when he abandoned the marathon at this city's 1912 Olympics, but returned in 1966 to finish it, for a time of 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes and 20.3 seconds. What city was this?
Right: Stockholm
Straight: Madrid
Left: Chicago
6Question: What name is shared by the first cyclist to bike a mile in under a minute and by an actor on Chappelle's Show?
Left: Paul Mooney
Straight: Donnell Rawlings
Right: Charles Murphy
7Question: People questioned the gender of Caster Semenya after her (his?) victories in track in Berlin in 2009 for what country?
Left: South Africa
Right: Brazil
Straight: Great Britain
8Question: What athletic milestone tumbled for Roger Bannister on May 6, 1954, at Iffley Road Track in Oxford?
Left: Four-minute mile
Right: 18-foot pole vault
Straight: Six-foot long jump
9Question: What future track star also helped the University of North Carolina win the NCAA title while on a basketball scholarship?
Right: Marion Jones
Straight: Florence Griffith-Joyner
Left: Jackie Joyner
10Question: What was the only new sport added to the 2008 Olympics?
Straight: Baseball
Right: Beach volleyball
Left: BMX biking