Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Basketball Questions

1Question: Between his two stints with the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash played for what NBA team?
Right: Golden State Warriors
Straight: Milwaukee Bucks
Left: Dallas Mavericks
2Question: Although 98% of American grizzly bears live in Alaska, what grizzly-less state has an NBA team called the Grizzlies?
Left: Tennessee
Straight: Florida
Right: Georgia
3Question: Bob Beamon was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in the 15th round in 1969 Bruce Jenner by the Kansas City Kings in the 7th round in 1977 and Carl Lewis by the Chicago Bulls in the 10th round in 1984. But none were basketball players. Who were they?
Left: Olympic athletes
Right: Baseball Stars
Straight: State governors
4Question: As of 2009, what Ohio State star is the only basketball player ever to record 30 points and 30 rebounds in the same NCAA tournament game?
Straight: Bob Knight
Left: John Havlicek
Right: Jerry Lucas
5Question: He has won both an NBA and an NCAA championship and as of 2009, he has led a record seven teams to the NBA playoffs, Who?
Left: Phil Jackson
Right: Larry Brown
Straight: Joe Paterno
6Question: A basketball rule says that attempting a field goal takes at least 0.3 seconds off of the game clock. For what Chicago Bull is this rule named?
Right: Trent Tucker
Left: Trent Green
Straight: Trent Lott
7Question: Dubbed Disneyworld vs Disneyland, what two teams faced off for the 2009 NBA championship?
Right: San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins
Left: Orlando Magic and LA Lakers
Straight: Anaheim Ducks and Florida Panthers
8Question: In addition to being in the Basketball Hall of Fame, Wilt Chamberlain is also in the Hall of Fame of what other sport, also in Massachusetts?
Left: Volleyball
Straight: Golf
Right: Tennis
9Question: In 2008-09, who became the first NBA player to score at tally 2,000 points, 500 assists, 100 steals and 100 blocks in a season?
Straight: Dirk Nowitzki
Left: Allen Iverson
Right: Dwayne Wade
10Question: I played basketball, football, lacrosse and track at Syracuse and was drafted by the Syracuse Nationals in 1957 but never played in the NBA. Who am I?
Straight: Tony Gwynn
Right: Dave Winfield
Left: Jim Brown