Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

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1Question: During WWI, what became the first body to make widespread use of the multiple choice questions?
Right: Harvard University
Left: US Army
Straight: General Motors
2Question: What inventor and Smithsonian regent brought James Smithson's remains to Washington where they were interred in a tomb in the Smithsonian Building?
Right: John Quincy Adams
Left: Alexander Graham Bell
Straight: John Singleton Copley
3Question: What school's unofficial mascot is Keggy the Beer Keg?
Straight: Brown
Right: Williams
Left: Dartmouth
4Question: She had connections. Whom did Chelsea Clinton interview personally for her thesis on the 1998 Irish peace process?
Straight: George W Bush
Right: Bill Clinton
Left: Jimmy Carter
5Question: Named for a Scotsman, what Pittsburgh university offers a degree in bagpiping, apparently as a requirement of the will?
Straight: Vassar
Left: Stanford
Right: Carnegie Mellon
6Question: Where would you find half of the eight schools that make up the Ivy League?
Right: New England
Left: New York
Straight: Deep South
7Question: What city am I in if I'm looking at Kermit the Frog Judy Garland's ruby slippers Fonzie's jacket Indiana Jones' fedora and Archie Bunker's chair?
Straight: Las Vegas
Left: Washington
Right: New York City
8Question: Northwestern University was named for the Northwest Territory, but is actually in what state's northeast territory?
Left: Illinois
Straight: Indiana
Right: Iowa
9Question: The Badgers are a mascot at what state but do not actually refer historically to an animal?
Right: Wisconsin
Left: North Carolina
Straight: Oregon
10Question: Abraham Flexner revolutionized education in what field, arranging it around more rigorous standards?
Straight: Law
Left: Medicine
Right: Business