Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Clubs and Organizations Questions

1Question: Named for Auguste Escoffier, the Augie Awards are awarded by whom?
Right: Hyatt Foundation
Straight: Advertising Age magazine
Left: Culinary Institute of America
2Question: In November 2009 Paul Haggis left this group Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd criticized itt for a worldwide patern of abuse and criminality a French court convicted it of fraud and Belgium began a criminal investigation. What is it?
Straight: PETA
Left: Scientology
Right: Red Cross
3Question: What organization's famous cookies are traced to a 1917 troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma, which brought them for sale to a local high school cafeteria?
Right: NAACP
Left: Girl Guides
Straight: Kiwanis
4Question: When Puerto Rico becomes the 51st state they'll have to redesign the flag with another star. What is the first place where that flag will fly?
Right: Fort McHenry
Straight: Arlington National Cemetery
Left: The White House
5Question: The Jaycees get their name from JC, an acronym for the actual name. What would that be?
Right: Junior Chamber
Left: Jewish Citizens
Straight: Just Colleagues
6Question: Despite the imposing name, what is the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine best known for doing?
Right: Wearing red fezzes and driving little cars
Left: Juggling random objects
Straight: Memorizing the Bible
7Question: Which of these prizes would net you the most money?
Straight: Pulitzer
Left: Nobel
Right: Oscar
8Question: What government agency teaches kids about codebreaking with the help of Crypto Cat and Decipher Dog?
Right: INS
Straight: FEMA
Left: NSA
9Question: Today, what order mostly cares for the sick and is associated with St John Ambulance in North America?
Right: Knights Hospitallers
Left: Freemasons
Straight: Opus Dei
10Question: Which of these people did not share the 1969 Hugo Award for Best Moon Landing Ever, presented by the World Science Fiction Society?
Left: Tony Nelson
Right: Neil Armstrong
Straight: Buzz Aldrin