Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Chicago Bears Questions

1Question: Who did the Bears beat for the 1940 Championship game?
Right: Detroit Lions
Left: New York Giants
Straight: Green Bay Packers
2Question: In what year did the Bears and Packers first meet?
Right: 1943
Straight: 1932
Left: 1921
3Question: In 1965 Packers' Paul Hornung scored five touchdowns in one game but later that day what Bear scored a record six?
Right: Cedric Benson
Left: Gale Sayers
Straight: Brian Piccolo
4Question: What Bears coach coached the team in six different decades covering four spurts?
Straight: Lovie Smith
Right: George Halas
Left: Mike Ditka
5Question: Which Bear won the Walter Paton Award in college?
Straight: Nate Vasher
Right: Adrian Peterson
Left: Wilber Marshall
6Question: What was the Bears called for their first two years?
Straight: Bloomington Bluebirds
Right: Decatur Staleys
Left: Chicago Bear Cubs
7Question: What Bear was known as the Refrigerator?
Left: William Perry
Straight: Tank Johnson
Right: Jim McMahon
8Question: In what Wisconsin town did the Bears hold training camp for 17 years until 2001?
Straight: Whitewater
Right: Kenosha
Left: Platteville
9Question: Soldier Field played home to part of what major sporting event in 1994?
Straight: World Series
Right: World Cup
Left: Olympics
10Question: Which Bear played minor league baseall for a Los Angeles Dodgers farm team?
Left: Cedric Benson
Straight: Curtis Conway
Right: Nick Roach