Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Human Body Questions

1Question: What part of your body is stapled if you get a vertical banded gastroplasty?
Left: Stomach
Straight: Ear
Right: Nose
2Question: What agony are you enduring if you have odontalgia?
Straight: Headache
Left: Toothache
Right: Backache
3Question: I have cataplexy, so doing something too much or too vigorously might make me pass out. What?
Left: Laughing
Straight: Admiring beauty
Right: Doing exercise
4Question: Used as a preservative for vaccines, thiomersal was blamed for causing what condition?
Left: Diabetes
Straight: Cancer
Right: Autism
5Question: About 1% of white people are missing a genetic section called CCR5, which gives them immunity to what disease?
Left: Smallpox
Right: AIDS
Straight: Malaria
6Question: Wittmaack-Ekbom's syndrome is sometimes wrongly called nocturnal myoclonus. What do you probably call it?
Left: Acid reflux syndrome
Straight: Chronic fatigue syndrome
Right: Restless leg syndrome
7Question: In 1902, what condition did George Still call 'abnormal defect on moral control'?
Left: ADD
Straight: Schizophrenia
Right: Alzheimer's
8Question: My myalgia is kicking up. What's wrong with me?
Right: Sore eyes
Straight: Heartburn
Left: Muscle pain
9Question: A dye called BBG appears to enable rats with paralyzing spinal cord injuries to regain the ability to walk. A similar dye is used by Gatorade and M&Ms. What color is it?
Right: Blue
Left: Green
Straight: Yellow
10Question: A donkey has 62. A dog has 78. A butterfly has 380. How many chromosones do you have?
Straight: 56
Right: 66
Left: 46