Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Mammals Questions

1Question: Because of its partitioned blowhole, what 'directional' whale produces V-shaped spouts?
Left: Right whale
Right: Blue whale
Straight: Killer whale
2Question: A toy dog breed and any mostly gray cat are both known by what Mediterranean name?
Right: Cypriot
Straight: Sardinian
Left: Maltese
3Question: This mammal is buoyant enough to float: to eat food at the bottom of rivers, it exhales and sinks. What is it?
Left: Hippo
Right: Tiger
Straight: Rhino
4Question: Cetartiodactyla is a proposed clade that includes the orders Cetacea and Artiodactyla, and which means that what land mammal is the closest relative of the whales?
Straight: Rhinoceros
Left: Walrus
Right: Hippopotamus
5Question: Which of these is a real animal, albeit one that doesn't spin around, cyclone-style?
Straight: Cheshire cat
Right: Tasmanian devil
Left: Mutant ninja turtle
6Question: What marsupial has two opposable thumbs on each forepaw, as well as fingerprints?
Straight: Wallaby
Right: Koala
Left: Opossum
7Question: Linked to mermaid myth, what sacred animal of the Taino has a name that means 'breast'?
Right: Walrus
Straight: Dugong
Left: Manatee
8Question: What part of an elephant's body has 40,000 muscles?
Left: Trunk
Straight: Ears
Right: Tail
9Question: In 2001, Jacques Mareseaux removed a 68-year-old woman's gall bladder. What was odd about it?
Straight: He was legally blind at the time
Left: He replaced it with the gall bladder of a gibbon
Right: He was in New York and operated by remote robot on her in France
10Question: What does the US Department of Agriculture's Forestry Service recommend that its rangers do when they find dead horses?
Straight: Eat them
Right: Let nature decompose them
Left: Blow ‘em up real good