Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Birds Questions

1Question: What country made the keel-billled toucan its national bird?
Right: Botswana
Left: Belize
Straight: Burma
2Question: Eagles exhibit 'obligate siblicide.' What is this?
Right: Seeing mice from the air
Left: Chicks fighting to the death
Straight: Migrating to the South Pole
3Question: What bird uses its trachea to imitate sounds since it does not have a vocal cord?
Right: Crow
Left: Parrot
Straight: Owl
4Question: How many chambers are in most birds' hearts?
Left: 2
Straight: 1
Right: 4
5Question: What is the national bird of Austria and Estonia, even though a simple matter of weight ratios precludes it from carrying African coconuts there?
Right: Barn swallow
Straight: Whooper swan
Left: Rock dove
6Question: What related bird gets its name from the Portuguese word for 'ostrich'?
Left: Stork
Right: Emu
Straight: Pelican
7Question: The tallest bird in North America, what animal's long trachea amplifies its famous call?
Right: California condor
Left: Whooping crane
Straight: Blue heron
8Question: What country made the blue crane its national bird, since the Xhosa used to honor heroes with its feathers?
Right: Thailand
Left: South Africa
Straight: Mexico
9Question: What near passerine birds are the only birds that can suck, as oppose to sip, fluids?
Right: Pigeons
Left: Parrots
Straight: Ducks
10Question: How many species of ostrich are there?
Left: One
Right: Nine
Straight: Five