Over the River and Thru the Woods
The River Maze

Fish and Aquatic Life Questions

1Question: What underwater animal is named for its eight 'arms'?
Right: Shark
Straight: Jellyfish
Left: Octopus
2Question: Macropinna microstoma is known as the barreleye fish. What is unusual about it?
Left: It has a transparent head
Right: It glows in the dark
Straight: It lives mostly on land
3Question: What was unusual about a hammerhead shark born in 2001 at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska?
Straight: It was pregnant itself
Right: It killed every oher shark in two days
Left: It was a virgin birth
4Question: The mantis shrimp has viciously powerful claws, but it also has a body part that practically has superpowers. What is it?
Left: Ears
Right: Eyes
Straight: Brain
5Question: As Susan Orlean knows, what is the spooky name for Dendrophylax lindenii, a rare plant found in Florida's Fakahatchee swamps?
Left: Vampire carnation
Right: Ghost orchid
Straight: Zombie violet
6Question: A jellyfish called Turritopsis nutricula is sort of like a cross between Highlander and Benjamin Button. How so?
Right: It is biologically immortal
Left: It is both male and female
Straight: It can 'read minds'
7Question: What invasive species found in the Sea of Galilee is called St Peter's fish for a story in Matthew that Peter caught a fish with a shekel in its mouth?
Right: Shad
Straight: Toothfish
Left: Tilapia
8Question: Africa's starfish flower smells like rotting meat, so that was insects will be tricked into pollinating it?
Straight: Ants
Left: Flies
Right: Wasps
9Question: Once called the poor's man lobster, what 'occupational' fish was overfished by ships that also wrecked the seafloor?
Right: Monkfish
Straight: Soldierfish
Left: Doctorfish
10Question: Here's something to think about when you eat kippers. According to Canada's Ben Wilson, what fish communicates by farting?
Right: Salmon
Left: Herring
Straight: Mackerel